Anticipating Versus Reality Essay

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Just like yesterday, it was like a dream then when I was given America visa; I applied for America
Diversity visa lottery as a permanent resident in October 2007, and the result came out in April 2008. I was so excited, anxiety, and fear were not left out when I checked the diversity visa lottery with Confirmation number giving to me at the point of application, and found out that I was among the few that was selected. I filled the data form, and attached the necessary documents, and sent it to Kentucky in
December still same year for processing. Two month later I received a mail from Kentucky, I read through the mail, and I was intimated with my date, time, and of my interview. My interview was scheduled for 7am on 18th of august 2009 another exciting moments. I was excited because of the beautiful things I heard about America how big the cities are, how I can get a good job, beautiful places, good roads, different kind of Foods, a lot of things I saw In the movies, freedom of speech, how the
Government will give me money before I get a job, and leaving my country to another is an Adventure, for me; it makes me more excited.
Prior to the day of interview I travelled to Lagos Nigeria for proximity. I was at the embassy as early as possible, we were ushered in at the due time, and undergo some checking I was asked to sit down while I waited for my turn to be interviewed by the consular, and we exchange former