Antigone: Communism and Noon est Essay

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Political Science 275
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Pick any two characters and explain the beliefs that each character has which lead them to come into conflict with one another. In your opinion, which of the two of them is more correct and why? You can also say they're both wrong if you explain your answer, but not that they're both right.


Socrates tells the jury why he has avoided politics his whole life. What reasons does he give? On the other hand, in Plato's Gorgias, Socrates says that he is the only politician in Athens – go here ( and search for the phrase "Then to which service of the State do you invite me?" and read from there forward to the end. What do you think? Has Socrates been a politician? (You can't answer that without a clear idea of what you think "politics" is, and it wouldn't hurt to read the rest of the Gorgias if you are going to write about this).

The Politics:

True or false: "The contemporary United States is a good example of the kind of regime Aristotle would call polity." Explain your answer. (You will probably want to explain Aristotle's definition of "polity"