Antigone Creon Analysis

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Having pride in oneself is a good thing to have; however too much pride can lead to misery, destruction of oneself and an ending nobody wants to live. The king Creon is a perfect example of how one’s life can be turned around in moments. Going from a peasant to royalty, a king to despair or a great life to death. Be careful, pride can be very dangerous and Creon is an examples of how. In Antigone, Sophocles portrays the hubristic personality of Creon through his defiance towards the Gods, tone and diction towards his people and reluctance towards setting Antigone free.

Sophocles portrays Creon’s hubris personality through his contempt speech about the Gods. There are many occurrences throughout the play where Creon talks down to the Gods as
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Creon’s word choice and tone make him seem more intimidating as a ruler. “ Discover your employer before you die”(Page 1078). Creon’s threat is a way of scaring people so they look at him as the highest; however the Gods are. Creon looks at everyone with contempt and shame because he is so strong and powerful. Creon has always looked down on people which shows he is higher and better because of his status. He takes a lot of pride in his status and it shows his hubris personality. Creon’s personality also allowed him to ruin his son's life because of some stupid proclamation he made. Creon’s pride told him to never turn back because he would look like a coward. “If [Antigone] must have [her] love, find it in hell” (Page ####). Creon kept threatening his own son and his pride is taking over him. He felt as if he could not go back and change his mind about killing Antigone because of his Hubristic personality. Creon’s speech, tone and diction towards his people all show how he is very prideful which altogether leads to Creon losing everything he …show more content…
Creon locked up Antigone and his pride is the barrier between him and peace. Creon gets in a fight with Haemon and his pride is risking everything. Haemon told Creon “Never see my face again”(Page 1092) if he does not set his fiancee free. No parent wants to do that to their own child but the one thing from stopping Creon from turning is his pride. Creon realizes “It is worse to risk everything for stubborn pride” (Page 1101) after talking to Terasais. Creon knows he is wrong about Antigone but his pride is resisting Creon from releasing her. Creon’s finally realized he was going to set her free but he was too late. Creon had finally hit rock bottom after his wife, son and Antigone had all died. Creon’s decision of not yielding when he realized he was on the wrong path caused his downfall and a life of misery. His choices were influenced by his hubris personality which decided how he would end