Antigone Essay

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Durning the extraordinary play Antigone by Sophocles, Sophocles demonstrates the craving of power by Creon creates suffering for others. Creon thinks he has more power than the gods. and doesn’t give a proper burial to Polyneices. Creon’s greed, craving of power, and his everlasting ego draw out suffering among others. Sophocles portrays Creon’s greed and ego by allowing Creon to ignore others’ important thoughts. For example, when Antigone gives a valid reason for trying to bury her brother, Creon ignores her opinion letting Antigone and her sister Ismene to carry on with their suffering. This, in turn projects Creon’s selfishness by not caring for anyone but himself. Another example of Creon’s unjust greed is when Haimon tries to convince Creon that he is indeed wrong in his actions. Haimon’s concrete attempt to make Creon realize what he is doing wrong doesn’t work. Again, Creon allows Haimon to suffer which leads to Haimon threatening to kill himself. Yet Creon doesn't care that his greed o power gets in the way of what is correct. Through the denial of both Antigone and Haimon, Creon inflicts suffering among both characters, which contributes to the harshness and unjust theme of the play. Sophocles depicts the suffering of others by granting Creon the idea that he is more powerful than the gods. For example, when Ceon initiates the law prohibiting the burial of Antigone’s brother, Creon emits suffering into the hearts of Ismene and Antigone. Usually, “a