Antigone Essay

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Monay Bruno
English 10H

Creon’s and Antigone’s Tragic Life

The most tragic figure in the play is Antigone, and the character that suffers the most is
Creon. The play Antigone by Sophocles tells a tragic story of a girl trying to bury her brother, and an arrogant and prideful king that wants absolute control. The play is intriguing and is mind blowing till the end. The ending contains multiple deaths and leaves one character all alone and wishing they were dead. Antigone was a tragic figure, because of the way she died. She was in the unenviable position of having to choose between following her conscience and following the laws of her
King. She had to make a difficult choice. Would she leave her brother Polyneices' body to be burned by the sun or picked at by the dogs, and birds? Or would she give his dead body a proper burial that her culture believed in but that her government denied? Either way, she saw punishment. If she denied her brother a proper burial, then she would be punished for having violated the laws the gods. She buried the corpse, then she would be punished for having violated the law of her uncle and future father­in­law,King Creon. She chose to respect her brother and her gods.
So she was sentenced to death behind a walled­up cave in a remote area. She ended up committing suicide by hanging herself with her own halter.

King Creon suffers the most, because he's the most guilty, the most responsible for all the death and tragedy in the play 'Antigone'. He mocks his son Haimon's choice of a bride. He insults Teiresias when the blind prophet tries to warn him of the consequences of the disrespect to the gods, and such cruelty to the Theban people. He ignores the suffering of