Antigone's Letter

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Samir Hasan
Language Arts
Mrs. Thav
April 15 2015
Antigone’s Letter Lord Creon,
My dear brother died in a battle that was destined to happen since the beginning of time. He died in honor and respect to create peace in our city. If he had won the battle, our kingdom would have strong allies and close bonds to other kingdoms, but the battle ended in a stalemate. He died with the will to create peace and uphold justice. Through his justice, the kingdom would have created a stronger bond with the gods, because Fate and the gods choose the battle and decided both my brothers shall die to create peace and leave an honorable legacy that would shape the fate of our kingdom. Zeus purposely created the battle and now you are ridiculing his power and judgement. The God of all Gods will never lend you the hand in heaven, but dwell in the lowest and darkest parts of hell, crawling at the feet of Hades. My lord, the gods are weeping at how you are showing yourself as a negative, evil person with no self-honor, fear of the god’s wrath, and pride. I beg you humble yourself because I want you to stand next to Zeus and know that after doing such terrible evils, you will know that you have learned from your terrible errors. My action of burying my deceased brother was all in favor of pleasing the gods and their desires. Please I beg you to release me; fore I have been doing the job of the truthful and powerful; burying my dead brother who honored the gods and tried to create proper order in