Antigone Is to Macarthur as Creon Is to Truman Essay

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Antigone is to MacArthur as Creon is to Truman

On April 11, 1951, Douglas MacArthur, a popular decorated general and war hero was fired for speaking to the press about the Korean War and his opinion on President Harry S. Truman’s foreign policy. In Antigone by Sophocles, Creon forbids citizens from giving Eteocles, a man vying for control of the city, who has killed citizens that would have been part of his city, a proper burial. Both Truman and Creon faced questions that undermined their authority, and therefore made decisions that were not necessarily for the good of the State, but for the good of themselves. They were both catechized, and yet, they did not waiver on their policies, to maintain their images as “strong, bold, and wise” rulers. Is history repeating itself? Is Sophocles trying to tell us something about human stubborn-ness from the literal public pressures? Douglas MacArthur, well known General of World War II, was the son of an Army Captain Arthur MacArthur, a Medal of Honor recipient. MacArthur’s mother was the only living relative of a confederate military family from the south. He attended military school and served as a General in World War I, receiving the Medal of Honor, becoming General of the Army in 1941. His acts during service were admirable and innumerable. He led the United Nations Force in the Korean War, until being fired by Harry S. Truman. The social pressures were huge to keep and heed to General MacArthur, who argued that Truman’s orders to stay at the 38th parallel were simply going to cause mass casualties. He wanted to go after the supply chain coming in from China that was supplying the Peoples Republic of Korea, led by Kim IL Sung I. During this Korean conflict, MacArthur staged multiple large invasions in South Korea that were extremely successful, although the invasions were ordered before receiving confirmation from President Truman. It struck me that just like Antigone, he had a lot of experience in what he was doing, and he knew what needed to be done to end the conflict. Antigone knew she had the power of the everlasting. President Harry S. Truman came to the Presidency quickly, and randomly, after his predecessor Franklin D. Roosevelt passed away. He was re-elected soon after and had to show competency in his position to the people of America. His Foreign Affairs agenda was questioned by all but amoebic life, even more after the nuclear bombs were dropped. When Douglas MacArthur, the descendant of a decorated General, and