Antigone: Oedipus and Creon Essay

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Ramiro Zetina
March 27, 2015
Professor Rocco
1. The main conflict in the story of Antigone is whether or not Polyneices should receive a proper burial. Antigone argues with her sister Ismene that they should go against Creon’s orders and give their brother a proper burial, Ismene refuses and does not help Antigone. When Creon finds out that Antigone buried her brother another conflict arises in which Antigone says that the law of the gods is superior to Creon’s law. Creon and his son Haemon then come into a conflict of their own. Creon believes that his decision alone should determine how the city is run while his son believes that the word of the people of Thebes should be taken into consideration. Tyresius and Creon have a conversation in which Tyresius tells creon that he was wrong in his decision to not bury Polyneices properly.
2. In every conflict it has been the word of Creon against everybody else. Ismene was right when she said that the kings orders should be followed but Antigone was right in saying that there are more important things that the law of a man. In Creon and Antigone’s argument Creon was wrong in sentencing Antigone to death. Antigone was right in telling Creon that she would rather serve the dead because she will spend eternity with them. Haemon was right when he said that a son should value the word of his father, Tyresius was also right with his statement that dead bodies should always be given a proper burial.
3. Antigone is a lot like Socrates. She values the laws of the gods as opposed to the laws of man. She is willing to break the rules of Creon to do what she knows is right without a second thought. Creon on the other hand, makes his own rules and makes others follow them. He does not accept anybody breaking his rules; this is proven when he sentences Antigone to death. Creon is more hesitant in doing what he knows is right than Antigone. He ponders whether to release Antigone and allow the burial of her brother for some time as opposed to Antigone who rushes to bury Polyneices in the beginning of the story.
4. I would like to have Antigone as a sister. She shows great respect for her family. She is even willing to risk her own life to make sure that her family member is honored after his death. This is a loyal thing to do for a family member. I would like a family member like Antigone as opposed to one who would listen to the king and allow me to eaten by birds after my death.
5. In the beginning the Chorus seems to favor Creon and his decision to not allow an honorable burial for Polyneices. This drastically changes after the talk with Tyresius. The Chorus transforms from a