Antigone Relationship Between Creon And Haemon

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In the play “Antigone” Haemon and his father have conflicts ,they don’t agree on anything. Because Sophocles wants to intensify the conflict between old and young, Haemon uses imagery to create an emotional response and comparisons to show a personal connection with his father is ineffective due to Creon's extreme pride.

Sophocles uses Haemon's imagery to how prideful his father is, Imagery is used the provoke emotional response, “You've seen trees by a raging winter torrent, how many sway with the flood and salvage every twig, but not the stubborn—they're ripped out, roots and all. Bend or break” (antigone 28). This passage shows that Creon is missing the ability to listen to anyone that is trying to reason with him, like Haemon is trying to here. Haemon is trying to explain to his father that he is very smart but he is not wise, he is like a stubborn tree, being ripped out by a raging torrent, and he may be making a bad decision by planning to kill antigone, haemon's fiance.
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In they play the Creon is older and “wiser” and his pride is telling Haemon to give up on Antigone but Haemon who is younger wants to stick up for antigone because of his love for her. “HAEMON, 'Tis thou, methinks, who speakest like a