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Vision – To provide and maintain the best supply of quality luggage at affordable prices.

Core Values
Ensuring all staff have excellent and accurate product knowledge to aid the customer in the best way possible. (To ensure we, as a company, know what we’re talking about.)
Always putting the needs of the customer first. (Allowing the customer’s needs and wants to be indentified to ensure they’re getting the most out of their experience.)
Identifying weaknesses in the luggage industry and as a company move forward in implementing improvements. (Allowing the company to stay ahead of the competition.)
Doing that “little bit extra” to make the customer’s experience better. (Keeping them loyal to the brand and increase the chance of repeat purchase.)
Overall; Providing a good, quality service to the customer that they will feel is accurate to the time and effort served with them.

Key Objectives
Maintain a positive cash flow versus figures taken last year.
Maintain a £60 ATV (Average transaction value) throughout all stores.
Increase store rankings within all Designer Outlets so they are at least above competitors like Samsonite.
Increase the brand name of the company and expand it to the level it had in 2012.
Link up with other suppliers like Rowallan to provide a diverse product range, absorbing the market.

Middleleaze Computer Services

Vision – To provide a service that is good value for money for customers in the computer repair and network infrastructure market.

Core Values
Ensuring all jobs are performed with the utmost importance.
Putting that little bit extra into what we do to ensure a happy customer.
Gaining valuable experience from different IT scenarios, to further enhance the company and what we can add to our services.
Building a good quality service that customers will feel is value for money.

Key Objectives
To earn money
Increase brand awareness in Swindon by word-of-mouth from providing a good service.
Provide a good service to