Anton Tran's Hospital Experience and Recovery of his Legs after an Accident Essay

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3 Months My heart was racing, my knees were shaking, and my breathing was deep and heavy. Why was I so concerned? For one thing I have never been in this situation before. I glanced over at my dad, and then smiling thinking everything would be okay. My dad responded with a comforting smile telling me that everything will be okay. I returned my attention to the doctor. “Anton, how did this happen?” asked the doctor. “I was playing with my new Christmas gift, Heely’s, a new shoe/skate and I accidently fell,” I said. After looking at many x-rays, I knew it was going to be bad. I was not an expert at reading an x-ray but it was quite clear that I had broken my ankle. When the doctor came back to tell me the news about my ankle, I had a cold sweat come down my face with anxiety thinking that there was still hope that I had not broken my ankle and everything was fine. “Anton, after looking at these x-rays, it looks like you will be in a cast from your ankle all the way up to your thigh,” said the doctor. A million things were running through my mind, like how will I move through school or how will I act towards people when they give me sympathy for breaking my ankle. The last thing I wanted was for people to give me sympathy, because it showed that I was weak. During the next three months, I was helpless. I was suffering from a bad case of immobility, having my father take care of me.
The hardest part of this whole journey was coming back to school facing all my friends and classmates. My father told my 8th grade homeroom teacher that I should sit in the front of the classroom so it would be easier for me to be mobile. This was not hard because I had broken my ankle. It was hard because everyone around me was sympathetic to me. I was the only one who had broken a body part this year, which made me feel outside. That’s what made me different from everyone that year.

After three miserable months of staying home everyday laying on my back restlessly, my appointment with the doctor had finally come one afternoon in February. Sitting in the waiting room impatiently waiting for the nurse to call out my name to meet with the doctor. Irritably sitting in the sit, every minute felt like an hour, watching each patient getting called before, I thought I would never get called. Finally the head nurse said, “Anton Tran, the doctor is now ready…