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After reading the excerpt about Jose Antonio Vargas life as an undocumented immigrant as well as my classmate comments I can agree that perseverance best describes him. Leading the life that he has up until this day, gave me an insight of the endurances different people go thorough when migrating into the United States. Having my mother wake me up at the age of 12 and telling me to pack my things I probably would have been extremely excited thinking to myself “Wow, I’m going on a vacation” or something of the sort. Never would it have crossed my mind to think I would be making the biggest move in my life and doing it undocumented on top of that. I am extremely happy to see that he has lived the American dream of coming into U.S soil and achieving his goal of becoming a Journalist. Throughout his life he has had help from his collogues, friends, family, professors etc. But I cannot help but wonder what about those individuals that do not have the team to support him/her as Jose did? I am glad that he has taken the initiative to bring up the issue public about his life so that America can acknowledge that not all undocumented individuals commit crimes and cause trouble. This excerpt has made me recap and think how easy it has been for me to live my life. When I turned 18 and went to get my license it was one of the most exciting times of my life, I felt horrible after reading what Jose went through while he decided to get his license which anyone would do at that age. Just as Sigalit