Antr: Dna and Children’s Telomeres Essay

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Assigment 1 Anth 300

I found the Article very interesting; I learned that telomeres are sections of DNA that occurs at the end of the chromosomes. I did not only learn the definition of telomeres, but also that they become shorter over time. It seems, however, that children in orphanages have shorter telomeres than children in foster care. I would have like to see more information about the diseases that shorter telomeres are associated with, as well as why exactly do telomeres shorten over age. Other information that could interest was the living conditions of the children in the orphanage. Many of us might know that they might not have the best condition; however I believe that having a description of their daily living could have a nice connection to the article.

Chapter 1
DNA: A molecule that contains genetic information that makes up chromosomes.
-According to the article many samples of DNA were collected, and that was how researches measured their telomeres which are the end of the chromosomes.
Scientific Testing: To exactly repeat an experiment, to provide verification resulting in making a hypothesis false or true.
-A scientific test is exactly the type of test the researchers are conducting now, and the hypothesis is whether chemical or a sequence in the environment in orphanages that makes the children’s telomeres shorter. Chapter 2
Fixity of species: The idea that species can never change, this idea was contradicted by the evolutionary theory. * According to the article fixity of species is not true because there is a change in the children’s telomeres.
Genome: The entire genetic structure of an individual, in other words genome is the DNA in a cell.
The Researches sequence the children’s genome to come with the conclusion that their telomeres were shorter.
Chapter 3
Chromosomes: threadlike structures that contain DNA and proteins. The is two types of chromosomes: sex which determines sex, and autosomes which are in charge of all the rest, so the physical characteristics.
-Telomeres are part the end region of the chromosomes.
Enzymes: Is a protein that promotes a chemical reaction in our body. *