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AN1110 Additional Readings for First Term – A Source Guide

Where full references are listed, the articles are available directly to you through York’s online journal resources. If you’re not familiar with the information conveyed by the reference, please see Assignment instructions on citations and references to learn how to read a reference.

Sept 22/23: Knowing through Anthropology
Kovats-Bernat, J. Christopher
2002 Negotiating Dangerous Fields: Pragmatic Strategies for Fieldwork amid Violence and Terror. American Anthropologist 104(1):208-222.

Oct 6/7: Knowing through Action
Miner – PDF available on Moodle under Assignment Information

Nurse, Keith
1999 Globalization and Trinidad Carnival: Diaspora, Hybridity and Identity in Global Culture. Cultural Studies 13(4):661-690.

Largey, Michael
2000 Politics on the Pavement: Haitian Rara as a Traditionalizing Process. Journal of American Folklore 113(449):239-254.

Kates, Steven M., and Russell W. Belk
2001 The Meanings of Lesbian and Gay Pride Day. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 30(4):392-429.

Oct 20/21: Critical Thinking Problem: “Noble Savages”
Conklin, Beth A., and Laura R. Graham
1995 The Shifting Middle Ground: Amazonian Indians and Eco-Politics. American Anthropologist 97(4):695-710.

Nov 3/4: Subsistence and Exchange
Blanc, Bernadette
1998 Women Vendors’ Work Histories in Port-au-Prince: What lessons can be learned for research and action? Environment and Urbanization 10(1):187-199.