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helooo this is bobby i eed help writing my paper thats due in like four hours ‘’Wait your from California?? OMG! Why did you move to Iowa from California?” I get it all the time. Maybe because I lived there for 16 years it’s just another state to me. There are many different reasons to move from California and many to stay it just all depends. California, you think of beaches, big malls, and lots and lots of fun. Well it’s like that some days and others days your like this traffic is bad, gas prices are high, or just something may be high. Prices in California are a lot higher than Iowa. My mom paid 3100 for a three bedroom that did not include the other bills, food, clothes, activities, and gas. Prices were crazy. Yes, it’s nice and all but it’s not so nice when you have a regular job. The cost of activities is high to. Like I played soccer there since I was three years old till I left. When I was 3 till about 9 it wasn’t too bad, like 50-60 dollars. But when I was 10 I played on an advance team. We traveled and it was a little further to practice. The starting fee was like 180-200 dollars plus more gas, hotel rooms, fee for the tournaments we were in. As I got older the coast of a lot of things went up. Not only did my mom have me, I have two older brothers too. Iowa, you think of farms, little town, and not so big of malls, no beaches. Some might think boring. Escipally me, I thought what am I going to do besides soccer. In till I got here, made friends hang out, go shopping, go to other states and shop or museum parks. Yes they were out the state, but in California you really don’t need to leave. Everything is there. In Iowa the coast is cheaper so you have the extra money to go out of the state and it’s nice because you get to see different states, see what they have. My mom has the same paying job, and here has one job instead of two. She bought a house for 60,000, you think that’s a lot but just think the rent she was paying in California for about 19 months equals owning your own home in Iowa. Iowa has it down flaws too. Like soccer here was about 400-500 dollars for the whole year. That