Anxiety and Different Counselling Skills Essay

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In this essay I am discussing different counselling skills used by the counsellor during our 50 minute session and I am also using theory to explain the significance of each skill, how it facilitates the process of counselling when applied correctly and how it impacts negatively on the counselling process when counsellors fail to apply them adequately. The issue I decided to talk about was my phobia of driving, which I successfully conquered last year, ten years after it first appeared while I was still working as a NSW Police Officer.

Initial contact with the counsellor was made by telephone. Subsequently the counsellor confirmed our appointment via email. The content of the email included the address, the cost of the session, directions, including the bus number from Central Station. I found that this style of communicating information useful because if the client is already distressed and has a lot on his or her mind its one less thing they would have to worry about and also clients can sometimes misinterpret information given over the phone. Also rules were clearly spelled out in relation to cancellation and fees applicable in case of cancellation. This is important as it clarifies any housekeeping misunderstandings between a client and counsellor, reduces stress for a client who might be already anxious about attending a counselling session for the first time. However with all this said problems can still arise as you will see at