Anxiety Challenge By Another Name By Collier Summary

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Facing and Overcoming Challenges

Challenges face us everyday; in our work and school environments, in our personal relationships and among the activities we participate in. We are inclined to engage to our level of comfort and no further. Oftentimes it is fear, intimidation or anxiety that illegitimately determines the perceived outcome for us. Facing disappointment and setbacks can overwhelm us and cause us to lose our confidence. James Lincoln Collier, author of the article Anxiety: Challenge by Another Name, encountered the same experience with anxiety as it related to some very important decisions in his life. He allowed his anxiety, to derail him from a wonderful summer work opportunity with his roommate and friend. Because his disappointment
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True depression can cause someone to be withdrawn and isolated. In a depressive state it is often impossible to move forward in life, as things look so dark and hopeless. Collier speaks primarily to the anxiety he refers to as nervous energy, fright, or the feeling of butterflies one can feel in their stomach at important stages. It is in those moments that we can waiver, or wish to back down. Collier created another rule for himself, “you’ll never eliminate anxiety by avoiding things that caused it.” …show more content…
He came to the startling revelation that in doing that, it would require some healthy anxiety. He found that expanding his world and extending his reach would require stepping out of his comfort zone to pursue his goals. There would always be some concern or worry when pushing the boundaries; however, it was the paving of a new path that would lead him to experience new and amazing opportunities in his personal life. His basic rule came from the idea that anxious thoughts or situations would decline over time and that it wasn’t something to worry over. He added a second part to his basic rule and decided, “you can’t learn if you don’t try.”