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Analyst Brake Systems Corporation, a small business in the Delaware area offer many different brake parts for trucks, busses, railroad, and rolling stock for companies in the United States and throughout the world. In order to meet demand, deadlines, and the ever changing technology it is adamant Brake Systems runs like a well oiled machine with proper business practices and employee support. Currently, Brake Systems Corp. is one of the industry’s top contenders however in order to stay on top it is important to address and resolve the current minor problems the business is facing. The three production departments are the heart and soul of the company, making sure all orders and demands are met in a timely and efficient fashion. The Standard Item Production department, currently the largest department, manufactures mass production standard parts for large companies. The work is simple and straightforward, yet sometimes repetitive as stated by many workers. The manager, Greg, takes a hand on approach to managing his department by encouraging employees, stressing safety procedures, and always knowing what his employees are doing. His workers, all happy to do their job do tend to find Greg watches over them a little too closely. Most stating that since the work is straightforward there is no need to always be concerned with wither everything is getting done property as it usually is since the department has the lowest failure rate in the company. However, the workers do acknowledge that Greg is an excellent leader and knows he means well despite his micro-managing.
The second department, Custom Systems and Components, produces custom parts for smaller manufacturing projects. The workers do not believe the work is tedious unlike the first department however they do complain when they are temporally moved to work in other departments when the work load is low. The department manager, Maria, is liked by all her workers and takes aggressive hands on approach to fixing problems quickly and avoiding them before they occur. She is trusted by higher management to train new employees and