Essay Anyone Can Be Successful

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Oreana G
Ms. Burge
Writing 102
20 July 2010

Anyone Can Be Successful All my life I had parents who were always involved in what I did and I never thought that there were people in the world whose parents were not the same. Whether it was school, an event or a sports game my parents were always there to help out and make sure they were always there for support. My parents were my number one fans as well as biggest motivators which had a major impact on me. I came from safe neighborhood as well as a family that had the ability to provide me with the necessities in addition to a little extra. I believed that people who came from a place less fortunate than mine did not have the same opportunity to become successful; however that all changed the summer I worked at the John A. Valenzuela Youth Center. The summer going into high school I worked at the John A. Valenzuela Youth Center located in South Tucson. As I worked at the center for the past three months I became friends with other people who attend the same high school I was going to attend and it felt great to meet people who were so much different than I was. These people were such outspoken, humorous as well as very outgoing. They had so much fun with whatever they were doing and did not care what people thought of them. As the summer days were starting to pass, I recognized this group of guys who would always come to the John A. Valenzuela Youth Center during their lunch to play pool or work out in the gym. One day my friend, Gloria, introduced me to them and from that day on we became friends, but the one guy that I had a great connection with was Hugo. Every time he would come to the youth center we would always talk about our weekends, sports, interests and any other things that came to mind. We were getting to know each other and by the time summer had completely ended our friendship was strong and we considered each other as best friends. It felt good to have a guy best friend who was so open as well as honest about anything. I was amazed at how we were so much alike especially that we had come from two completely different places as well as age groups. Even though he was only two years older than me it seemed that he was so much older due to the people he would hang out with. As school approached we stayed in…