Narrative Essay About Basketball

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“Pressure, that’s what I feel. With just twenty seconds on the clock, my teammate passes me the ball. Pressure once again I’m tired, sweating legs weak and now ten seconds I’m doubled teamed. I passed the ball back I crossed-over five seconds. The score 62-64 I shoot off my finger tips. Boy that was a good formation. It’s not that I’m just thinking of myself, but Aye! Hoping to make that shot it’s a 3.As the announcer yelled ‘It’s good. A 3 and carver bears wins the game.’ That was a good game!”
Basketball is my passion I play to win, experience the importance of teamwork, to set examples for the younger female basketball players. The reason why I play is cause of the sound my sneakers make when I run up and down the court, the way the ball bounce from hand to hand when I move, to the sound of the crowd screaming and yelling my name drives me to play in a full house. Going up against a new school in the play-offs I’m very nervous but excited yet confident before the game. After winning play-offs against a team with whose record is 5-0 going up against my team whose record is 3-2 makes me nervous I start shaking and stuttering. And to my surprise of course Carver Girls Basketball teams wins play-off.
I might never be a professional Basketball player, but the court will forever be my home. Basketball is my heart. It doesn’t take me long to get hooked on the game, but the love for it is special. The business of basketball is just entertainment from commercials to getting