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Serving our Nat ANZAC Day Speech

We are gathered here today to pay homage to those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to their country. Today is the 100th anniversary, and I know that there is no doubt in your hearts that today is a very significant day. In cities and towns throughout Australia and New Zealand there are millions of people commemorating this one day. But do all these people know why we celebrate ANZAC day?! I have often wondered if everyone understands the true meaning on “ANZAC”. Australian New Zealand Army Corps, It is not a place, nor is it a war. It is not a ceremony or a parade. The term ANZAC means Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, The Australian meaning of mateship, spirit, bravery and self-sacrifice.

Today we are not celebrating war. Nor are we celebrating a win or a loss. Today All we ask is the simple recognition of the sacrifice of those men and woman who bravely fought for their country for freedom, piece and safety in which we live in today. These men and woman who for their country walked strait into the valley of death. The valley of death in which some did not return.

The 100th anniversary is a very significant day, 100 years 36505 days since world war I and yet we still pay tribute to the men and women who fought . We all still feel the same feelings; we all are in the same country: Safe, Comfortable and secure.

So why then, besides the general comments made above, do we continue until this day to remember a moment so steeped in bloodshed? Is it because military motivations? Is It because there is no other