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Recent graduate in BSc Business Information Technology, including Year of Professional Experience, achieving a 2:1 from Queen’s University Belfast. I have a strong passion for developing the skills which I have gained from this course and applying it to the outside industry. I am passionate about entering a challenging and stimulating environment within the Technology and Financial Industry, particularly with a global company and industry leader, such as Deloitte. I have always had a strong work ethic which has been further reinforced with my strong academic and credible professional experience. I aspire to pursue a career which can bring new opportunities and learning experiences, as I believe learning is the key to success. I strive to reach and exceed personal goals and targets as this encourages me to put my best assets forward.
Key Skills
- Excellent Organisational/Time Management - Creative – Target Focused –Team Player – Extensive Technical/ Business Knowledge
Technical Skills

Operating Systems: MAC OS, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, EPoS system
Development Languages: Java, HTML, Lingo, XHTML, VB.Net, C#, PHP
Applications: JCreator, Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, Macromedia Director, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database, FoxPro), Web Expression, Notepad ++

Professional Experience
Harry Corry Interiors-Administrator- June 2012-July 2013 I spent my year’s industrial placement working for Harry Corry Interiors within their Stock department, I found this to be a great learning experience. Towards the end of my 12 months I was invited to return upon graduation however I felt I needed the opportunity to explore a more challenging and technical role. My role required working on a range of projects within the stock department, working with others and liaising effectively and efficiently with each department and store within the company. I worked at the core of the business ensuring that any stock issues were resolved; I often done this using my own initiative, receiving minimal guidance from my superiors. The variety of projects I was involved in required a range of technical elements including; understanding the stock system which operated on Microsoft Visual FoxPro) and the stores EPoS systems, in order to carry out updates from the server that operated the tills in each store on a daily basis. I played a key role in Harry Corry’s stock management as it was my responsibility to load data onto handheld devices which informed warehouse staff of stock which needed replenishing in each store. I frequently carried out store visits where I would have to collect and collate information on stock requirements, following this I would reallocate/move unwanted stock from respective stores. I was solely responsible for carrying out internet orders, including, email correspondence to customers, filling the orders accordingly and liaising with the courier company to ensure that all products where received by customers. In my last few months I was given the opportunity to train new employees who would be taking over my position, it was only at this point I realised how much I had developed both technically and personally. Upon leaving the company, I received excellent feedback from superiors who were very delighted with the work I completed over the course of the year. I believe this opportunity working in the stock office allowed me to get involved in the company’s culture, markets, products, technologies and behaviour.

Other Experience
Northern Bank Newry - Customer Service - November 2009- June 2010
Learnt about the daily transactions that occurs within the banking system(I would take this first sentence out completely). I had the opportunity to experience how the bank operates at each level, from customer service advisors, to financial advisors to human resource staff. Following this I then became a School Bank Advisor, where I had to open and maintain savings