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AP American History Movie Articles
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2.Major Characters- Jackie Robinson, Branch Rickey, Rachel Robinson, Leo Durocher, and Dixie Walker.

3.Historical time period- 1946

4.Plot- The movie 42 is similar to the historic 1947 baseball season for the Brooklyn Dodgers. At this time the general manager Branch Rickey decides to sign the first black Major League player, Jackie Robinson. Although he has to do deal with having racism towards him and other clubs, fans, and on sometimes his own teammates, Rickey tells him to not fight back. By following what Ricky says, Robinson lets his incredible athletic talent to speak for itself, and eventually the first-year player becomes one of the greatest players on the team, soon earning the title, Rookie of the Year award.

5. Film Summary- 42 tells the story of two men, the great Jackie Robinson and legendary Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey-whose decision that stood against prejudice forever changed the world by changing the game of baseball. In 1946, Branch Rickey made history when he signed Jackie Robinson to be on his the team, breaking Major League Baseball's infamous color line. But the deal also put both Rickey and Robinson in the open of the public, the press and even to other players. Facing a handful of racism from every side, Robinson was forced to have a tremendous amount of courage and restraint by not reacting in kind; knowing that any type of incident could destroy his and Rickey's futures. Despite all the hatred, Robinson let his talent on the field to do the talking and soon winning over fans and his teammates, silencing his critics, and making history and a future for others to look forward too.

6. Favorite character/ scene- My favorite character I would have to say would be Branch Rickey. He had so much hope and stayed positive the whole time and tried to look at the brighter side of things. Even a couple times such hatred people made Jackie Robinson just want to stop trying but Rickey had such drive and hopes to keep pushing Robinson.

My Favorite scene would be when Jackie Robinson gets a home run and wins the game. It was like a turning point for people to see that blacks can do what whites can do and there is no wrong in the doing.

7. This movie helps one’s understanding of history because it shows how people used to act toward others with a different color of skin. It shows that at a time blacks did not play on sports teams and shows the hatred of how Branch Rickey was putting one on his white baseball team. It shows how people can make a difference and change how others think, Jackie Robinson made history but also started a future for other blacks to play baseball as well as other sports.

8. This movie received an Academy Award Nominee.

9. I would rate this movie a 5 out of 5. I find it a must see because it explains how our country really used to be like. It shows how Jackie Robinson changed the world of baseball to not just a white man sport. I like how it shows that we are all people and should not show racism towards each other.

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Apollo 13
2. Major Characters- Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert
3. Historical time period- 1970
4. Plot- Apollo 13 is a 1995 American historical film directed by Ron Howard. The movie reenacts the 1970 Apollo 13 lunar mission.
The film includes the astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise on the Apollo 13 for America's third Moon landing mission. During the mission, an on board explosion happens in their spacecraft of most of its oxygen supply and electric power, and that signals NASA's flight controllers to leave the Moon landing, and turning the mission into a tragedy to get the men home safely.
5. Film Summary- This movie Apollo 13 shows exactly what happened during the Apollo 13 mission and how it ended. Three astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise board the third mission to