Where Men Win Glory Analysis

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In Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer, Pat Tillman, makes the decision to turn down his multi-million dollar contract with a football team in order to defend his country because he realized football wasn’t what life was all about. This NFL star realized the direction in which he was going in was not right for him and wanted to do something for a higher moral cause. Football wasn’t supporting or helping anyone, beside himself. He rarely thought about himself and put others in from of him, making him lean towards the decision to go into the Armed Forces. He was not only proud of his decision, but he remained happy about it through out his whole time in the service. John Krakauer writes about Pat, “He saw his life in a much bigger way than simply, ‘I am a professional football player, and if I walk away from this, my life is over.’ Football was part of who he was, but it wasn’t the be-all/end-all. (157)” Pat realized that he could be more than a professional football player. He accepted that. He took that idea and transformed it into something worth living for. Tillman faces many different experiences in his new surroundings. He also dealt with hardships that included following strict rules and had to over come anything that came his way. The amount of discipline in the NFL wasn’t comparable to the regulation in the Army. Pat stands out for his attitude because he stands up for what he believes in. Despite his realization for what he wanted to do in his life, he was content with his decision. Pat is an individual that realized the importance of our country and the freedoms we have fought for. Tillman states, “You don’t realize how great of a life we have over here… Times like this you stop and think about just how – not only good we have it, but what kind of a system we live under. What freedoms we’re allowed. And that wasn’t just built over night. And the flag’s a symbol of that. (137)” He was a character who genuinely