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A model hero is portrayed as a brave and courageous person who fights for the needs of others. This holds true in the epic poem “Beowulf,” which has no specified author, but has been told down through the ages by storytellers. This epic poem is about a hero’s adventures through his life. Through his life, he helps save kingdoms and sacrificed his own life for his own kingdom. The epic hero, Beowulf, embodies and demonstrates the values of bravery and courage though defecting of many bloodthirsty monsters and helping others.
Beowulf demonstrates the values of bravery and courage though the defecting of many dangerous, bloodthirsty and fearsome monsters. The poem describes the monsters as “The monsters’…smashed them/ No female…men fight with/ But his breath…from his tongue” (lines 34-37, 400-402, and 616-617). Each one of the monsters, that Beowulf has faced, are both terrifying and deadly because they can kill thirty men without being stopped, fight like men do with the same courage and power, and be able to breathe fire as well as spit poison. He faced against Grendel, a bloodthirsty demon, who only wants to kill the Danes for fun. Beowulf went face-to-face with this creature and did not back down. He slayed the beast and restored peace. The next creature he went against was Grendel’s mother. This monster only wanted revenge for her son’s death, and was going to get it, no matter what. However Beowulf dived into her swampy nesting place and challenged her. Once again another beast fell to Beowulf’s power. The final battle against a creature was later in his life. He challenged a dragon to the death. Even though he succeeded in defeating the dragon, the dragon took him down with him as well. Each one of these fearsome creatures had one thing in common; no one was brave enough or had the courage to face off with them, expect Beowulf. Beowulf not only had the courage and boldness enough to go against these beasts, but also killed them. This proves the undying fact that Beowulf has a lot of bravery and courage.
Beowulf embodies the values of bravery and boldness through the helping of others in need. Beowulf speaks to Hrothgar “That I…nor will I” (lines 165-169). Beowulf tells the king that he will not be frightened or petrified by the monster nor will he let the monster continue its wrath on the people of the Danes because he will purge the evil from the kingdom. The monster which Beowulf is talking about is…