AP Bio Final Project term 3 Essay

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Brad Zimmerman + Emily Mickelson
Effects on comprehension when presented with different stimuli Question: Is comprehension (of an article) affected by the different stimuli around a person? Hypothesis: The more types of stimuli presented to someone, the less that individual will be able to remember about a topic presented to them. This is significant because it can affect the ability of organisms to thrive under varying conditions of noise and light. Outline: A group of students (Group A) will be given an article over a subject they should know little about, and the article will be the same for each person. They will be given time to completely read it and then be asked to answer a set of questions without having the article present. This will be performed in a classroom setting, and should be quiet. The separate set of students(Group B) will read and be asked to take the same test that group A had taken, but in a room that has loud music, completely unrelated to the subject of the article. The scores will be averaged and compared. The differences between group A and B will be analyzed, and the effects of the stimuli of loud sounds will be able to be seen. This process will be repeated with 5 times, and have each group of people containing at least 5 people. Everything about the procedure will remain the same including lighting, temperature, and time allotted for the reading and exam, except for the level of noise, being close to silent in group A,