Ap Bio Lab Report

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On a rainy late spring day, fellow biologist Bob finds himself craving cookies while grading lab reports. After finding his way into the kitchen he is astonished to find the normally fully stocked cookie jar empty! There are several cookie eaters in the house (himself included), but only two suspects that would dare eat the precious last cookie Bob had been saving. He quickly obtained DNA samples from in and around the jar with the objective of preforming DNA finger printing to find out the true menace.
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) normally exists in the form of a double helix. Each “step” on the helix’s “ladder” is the pairing of one pyrimidine and one purine. The pairings are very
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DNA has a net negative charge, meaning it will be pulled toward positive charges. However, the amount of movement largely depends on how much friction the DNA fragment generates- thus separating them by their size. Combining this with restriction enzymes that will cut different sized DNA segments based on alleles one can compare and differentiate DNA samples. Using this method, Bob the biologist hopes to identify one of his two suspects as the cookie thief.
This section must include at least your lab manual as a reference.
The crime scene samples have already been cut with the appropriate enzymes and are ready for electrophoresis. This section goes over how to prep the suspect DNA samples for analysis.
Wearing gloves label mircotest tubes 1-4 for comparison. Add 10µl of enzyme reaction buffer to each tube using a micropipette. Using a fresh micropipette tip for each DNA and enzyme transfer load tubes 1-4 accordingly:
Tube number Enzyme DNA
1 Enzyme 1- 15 µl DNA 1- 15 µl
2 Enzyme 2- 15 µl DNA 1- 15 µl
3 Enzyme 1- 15 µl DNA 2- 15