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This experiment, which was used to explore the Theory of Evolution created by Charles Darwin. The use of natural selection was apparent in the artificial modification of an organism's traits which aided in this investigation. Through this experiment the Wisconsin Fast Plant was used. It is a fast-growing organism developed to improve the resistance to disease in cruciferous plants. This plant aids scientist in the exploration of environmental effects on population due to the speed to which is matures and reproduces. Artificial selection was stimulated by the selection against plants with few hairs(trichomes). Trichomes create a wider variation which means it is polygenic. The plants that had only a few trichomes were
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By creating F3 ad F4 generations the results would be further verified.

Materials: Lighting system growing containers : plastic soil water fertilizer pellets pipet water mat Wisconsin Fast Plant seeds

Beginning the experiment, place the wick into each cell with two or three fertilizer pellets. Top the cell with damp soil so that it is full. Make a depression to place the seeds. For the F1 generation 2-3 seeds were planted in each cell. Place water on top of the seed with a pipette and cover with a minimal amount of soil. The container holding the seeds is then placed on top of the water mat and lighting system. Once the F1 generation is matured(10 days after sprouting)count the number of trichomes from the stem to the cotyledon. If the number is under ten the plant must be killed. Once the seeds are developed for the F1 generation they are pollinated and dried in order to plant the F2 generation the same way the F1 generation was. Once the F2 generation is mature(10 days after sprouting), the number of trichomes is counted on each plant and recorded to compare with the F1 generation.


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