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When a person stands the heart needs to pump blood against gravity, to reach areas of importance like the brain, thus veins work hard to pump it back toy the heart. As a person reclines their blood pressure decreases, because the person is more relaxed. Also it slows down the persons breathing and heart rate. There is also an increase in oxygen in order to support the body. The difference between when a person is standing and person who is reclined is that the heart works harder while the person is standing. The blood that reaches the legs has to travel up thus going against gravity. An increased blood pressure means that a lot of the blood wont flow back to the heart. When you are standing a persons muscles are in a contractile state using ATP leading to more blood use to ensure muscle contractions occur. When you are lying down your muscles are no longer in a contractile state thus ATP is not required (less energy usage). High blood pressure is a major health concern because it may cause weak vessels in the brain leading to a stroke, and an increase in blood pressure in the eyes leading to blindness. Also causing the narrowing and thickening of the blood vessels in the kidney(s), thus filtering less waste, and a cause of kidney failure. This also causes the hardening of the arteries in the heart leading to a heart attack. An athlete must train longer and harder to achieve maximum heart rate than a person who is not a physically fit because the athletes body has