Ap English 3 Reflection

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The previous semester in the infamous AP English III has proven to be no walk in the park by any means. As if challenging my reading and comprehension is not difficult enough, my writing along with my organization has been through sharp turns, high apexes and deep divots. There are some instances that are so cringe-worthy that it makes me wish a redo button existed, but hard work and a bit of luck allowed me to keep a successful grade. Through this experience, I learned that my writing is far from perfect, sadly. I plan to utilize ideas for the next semester, from specificity to proofreading techniques. Improving these constant problems will help advance my writing not only for the highly anticipated AP test, but for other future endeavors …show more content…
I went to many upperclassmen to hear about the class from their point-of-views, which did not in any way aid to my anxiousness. No, not at all. All the stories, ranging from the loss of 4.0’s to sleep deprivation, probably scarred me for a while. I could accurately guess that the same instances are going through the bright minds of some of the current sophomores, but I think I could somewhat relieve them when I say that it is possible to remain happily successful in the class, but it requires an understanding that some of the detrimental routines that are kept will cause harm to grades. The biggest mistake that could be made is procrastination because the last minute pressure of finishing an assignment is too much to handle and leads to the sleep deprivation and the loss of 4.0’s mentioned earlier. I would also advise these future AP English III students that they are not too dumb or too unable to handle the curriculum that awaits. Although the class is not for the typical wimp or couch-potato, an open-minded, ambitious student can achieve their goals in the class and even keep their 4.0 if they are up for the challenge. The class rewards its students in unconventional ways. It has definitely challenged me in more ways than one, believe me, but I know that I will carry the lessons and concepts learned into the current semester, AP test, future