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Courtni Weaver

Space is an idea that many people are interested in, but it is also something that brings up many questions. Although people are excited to explore space, there are other considerations that need to be discussed, such as cost and safety. While people are excited to travel to space, they sometimes forget about these two major factors in the issue. Humans tend to take their imagination and run with it without thinking or meditating about the consequences - one being cost. If you look at the picture of the launch pad in (source B), you will see that money is a vital commodity to ponder when it comes to exploring space. Just by looking at the photo, you can begin to imagine how much money it would take to build such a site. The cost to build the necessary equipment to send a shuttle into space is very expensive. This includes the equipment needed to take off, to carry them through space, the technology to start and finish the process, as well as the technology to keep track of the people in space. There are other necessities that will need to be expensed as well; for instance, the technology needed to run the machine on the inside, special equipment that needs to be cared for inside the machine and everyday needs to keep the passengers alive. Money is needed for education to learn how to operate everything in the shuttle, and it is also needed for the changes that are going to take place when/if they reach their destination. This operation will be extremely expensive and probably won’t be worth it.

We as a nation and a planet should get Earth under control before we move to the next planet. If we examine the efforts of The National Institutes of Health (NIH), it is obvious that money spent on the right issues can benefit us. We have statistics, vaccines for certain diseases, and many answers to questions that have been unanswered for a long time, all thanks to the money being spent on research by the NIH. (Source D). With this being said, all the money being put into space exploration should be used for these programs and other similar programs so that we can find cures to diseases and infections, more information to keep people educated, and other benefits for people right here on Earth. We can reach new heights if we spend more money on health issues than we do on space exploration, lowering the sickness on Earth, helping and curing diseases. Perhaps sometime in the future space exploration may be considered but as for now it is simply not needed as much as other items.

Safety is another major issue that needs to be addressed, before we take another trip to the moon. With all the energy and gasses it’s going to take just to start a space