Ap English Chief Tecumseh Speech

Words: 1599
Pages: 7

Throughout the tumultuous existence of man, a plague has come to infect the rationality of mankind: one wrought with a desire for glimmering metals such as gold, an unyielding passion for power to control as many individuals and resources as possible. This lust for procurement of resources forced continents such as Europe or Asia to thrive upon fiendish, barbarous, and sometimes bestial tactics to control wealth. While in direct contrast, continents such as Africa or the Americas remained stable to support adequate life, therein consistently promoting peace and cooperation among tribes or groups. I, a Mestizo-Choctaw mixed Native American, has come to seen the devastation wrought by the lust for resources, the abject poverty rampant on many reservations. This said poverty seems to leach the …show more content…
When the option to select a speech for analysis was provided, I felt personally honored to analyze the compelling case presented by Chief Tecumseh’s speech to General William Harrison.

In his speech, Chief Tecumseh humbly begins his speech through outlining commonalities between two differing audiences who otherwise have nothing in common, his repetitive and at times droning use of short sentences holds an end goal of building a relationship of trust between these audiences through carefully selected logic. Tecumseh’s opening paragraph fully details his personal experience through an altruistic tone in messages such as: “My forefathers were warriors, from them I take only my existence.” and “From my tribe I take nothing.” As Tecumseh moves through the defining characteristics of the Native Americans, he powerfully asserts the reason for this address is not “to come to Governor Harrison to ask him to tear up the treaty.” but is instead to chastise the treatment of the Federal Government towards Native American sovereignty. Tecumseh