Ap English Class Reflection

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In my high school career, the most interesting course I have taken is AP English Literature and Composition during my Junior year. Being a higher-level course, this class challenged me as a reader, a writer, and a thinker. While we read similar novels to other students around the country, such as The Great Gatsby, Othello, and In The Time of the Butterflies, the way my instructor taught us to apply the readings and lessons to everyday life seemed out-of-the-ordinary.
AP English Literature and Composition is so much more than “the English class I took Junior year,” the class was my stepping stone to becoming the student that I am today. It was the first course that I wholeheartedly loved attending everyday because there was always something new to learn, discuss, and improve. The atmosphere that my instructor fostered was incredible – the whole class felt like a family and we all supported each other in reading, writing, and beyond the classroom. Everyone’s ideas were valued, even when we didn’t agree with each other, the teacher, or
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Rather than taking normal notes while we read, our teacher asked us to create a “Metacognitive Reading Journal” for each chunk of reading. In the journal, we were asked to express our thoughts, reactions, and predictions using whatever structure or voice we wanted. I found that this method allowed me to become personally invested in the assigned reading, and I always looked forward to reading everyone else’s journals because each person viewed the novel from a different lens – some students wrote witty “blog-like” posts, while others honed in on the more serious aspects of the novel and posed deep questions. By getting in, and providing my own narrative to, Shakespeare, I found myself making sense of (and enjoying!) the dense