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We all eat process food at least once a day, even if we like to admit it or not. Consuming processed food seems normal now a days I mean everyone does it so it may not seem weird, but have you ever wonder what is in processed food or why is it so good? or where they get their ingredients from?
A recent study has been made and it reveals some stuff not so appealing to us. Recently there was a scandal about horse meat been used, well now some new stuff is claimed to be in products that we all consume for example arsenic, human hair, rat hair, beavers anal water, and even fish bladder. Arsenic for example is found in many house cleaning products and that doesn't seem to bother a lot of people, but it does when people talk about been in your food. they are found in products from rice to cereal to juice, and recently German researchers found traces of arsenic in beer, they even found more than twice what is allowed in water. The arsenic is used to filter these drinks. So that means we should drink unfiltered stuff? wouldn't that damage my health too? The next big issue comes associated with human hair which is used to make L-Cysteine . This is an amino acid which is used as an additive to bread mostly to keep the breath “fresh” and is then distributed mainly to big stores like Wal-mart, and HEB.
Recently it has been reported that the most hair that is used to make L-Cysteine comes from China which they claim that the people go to barbershops and hair salons and collect the hair . You can always evade this by just making your own bread or just going to a local baker and buying bread from there, and also not attending fast food restaurant like burger king, McDonald's, Wendy's and jack and the box, and also Dunkin Donuts because they use L-Cysteine as an additive.
Thats not the only nasty part about fast food restaurants for example take McDonald’s you always hear jokes about them in i-funny or facebook and even myspace on how they don't use natural ingredients. Well while we may have a good laugh about it, it is actually a serious matter. the McNuggets are just about 50% real chicken the other 50% is made of synthetic ingredients for example dimethylpolysiloxane which is