Britain Control Over The Colonies

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U.S. AP History

The British Empire had a major control over the colonies in North America

for a long time, and it didn’t help that the colonies depended on Britain for

everything. The colonies didn’t have the resources nor supplies to feed, cloth, and

protect themselves, so they had help from Britain. Britain did things like send

them foods and tools for crops, they also sent stationed soldiers to protect them.

The biggest way Britain had control over the colonies though, was the


When the colonists set out on there own to find the new land they never

knew of the hard times they'd endure. They went through starving times, horrible

winters where nearly everyone died, and times where they just didn't have the

necessary medicine or help they needed. Eventually they had the British Empire

step in and help them. Britain sent them tea, sugar, various foods, medicine, and

supplies. Because the colonies depended so heavily on Britain, they ultimately had

dominance over the colonies. After Britain's help, the colonies began to thrive, and

Britain demanded they pay taxes, which lead to the Boston Tea Party, but also a

way of paying their dues back to Britain. Britain had great control over the

colonies at this time.

The colonists in North America also weren't very well liked by the Native

American people, due to taking their land, forcing them out, and slaughtering

entire villages. When the colonists built their settlement in North America they had no idea anyone else was there, but even when they did they pushed through the

Indians and stole their land right from under them. Since there weren't yet a lot of

colonists and they weren't very well established yet, they needed help and

protection from the outraged Indians. So, they again went to the motherland for

help, and again Britain came to the rescue.