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Politics from the Medieval ages to the Renaissance drastically changed as life became more Humanist. Due to life in the renaissance being more focused on the individual, it had a drastic effect on politics. Politics became more diplomatic, there were less feuds between the nobility and Monarchs strived to take away power from the nobility in attempts to make themselves stronger, reflecting the individualistic values at the time. This change to more diplomatic politics is even reflected in our own lives today.

Politics in the Medieval ages consisted of long and often feuds between the barons(nobility). Usually there tactics in solving disputes were to wage war on the opposition. In the medieval era diplomats served the church rather than monarchs or the nobility. This all soon changed as the Renaissance movement brought a new ideology, issues, and truths, that spread all across europe. This movement was jumpstarted by artists and scholars who came up with new ways to think and paint in Florence italy. Artists such as Michealangelo and Leonardo Davinci brought the humanist values to art. For instance signing your name on a piece of artwork was unheard of before the Renaissance, as was making pictures look more realistic. This all displayed more individualistic values about the people, that were the hinge of the Renaissance era. This individualism spread into theology as well. Scholars came up with new ideas more focused on individual well being. Also vernacular bibles and books were written, so even common people could comprehend. Vernacular books helped spread fables, stories, and new ideas all across europe. Now that people were able to read themselves, this gave way for people to gather their own understanding on issues, allowing for them to develop independent viewpoints and ideas. This all tied into the humanist values that changed the ways of politics.

This Renaissance political change was a monumental step in direction of modern. These Humanist values and Individualism itself had a strong effect in monarchy, nobility and the church. Monarchs were now concerned with limiting the power of the nobility, in order to give themselves more power. This was especially prevalent in the English monarchy. Which was explicitly shown when King Henry VII ended livery and maintenance. In short he took away all of England's standing army, which was composed of