Ap Euro Dbq Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution had dramatically changed the world. It was a brand new way of manufacturing making it faster and easier to make things. But this revolution had also been harmful to people and the environment such as strenuously working children and young adults and contaminating water systems causing outbreaks in diseases . Though this revolution did greatly impact the world in many ways i believe it overall had a negative impact on society.

An important reason for which the industrial revolution had a negative impact on society was because of the harsh environment young factory workers were put in.
As stated in the document, “ no person under eighteen years of age shall [work] between half- past eight in the evening and half-past five in the morning”(Document 1). This piece of evidence was a law passed in the legislation that showed how bad working hours and conditions in factories were before this act and the reason why this law out of many had to be
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In the text it states,”That the annual loss of life from filth and bad ventilation are greater than the loss from death or wounds from in any wars in which the country has been engaged in modern times “ ( Document 2). The source greatly clarifies the amount of lives taken because of this contamination of water and how when compared to the amount of deaths through the unsanitary conditions of water and a war the unsanitary conditions had cause more deaths. An additional piece from a document stated, “Though Londoners at the time believed that the foul stench coming from the river led to epidemics, it was overcrowding and poor sanitation that led to outbreaks of disease like cholera“(Document 8). This shows how as a result of these unsanitary conditions of water in sewage systems had led to the outbreak of these life threatening