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Analyze how the Bubonic Plague put an end to the medieval culture and hastened the development of the renaissance.

Beginning in 1347, a deadly plague took down a third of Europe’s population while giving rise to a rebirth of the continent. The Bubonic Plague changed the economic and social order of the medieval period due to the loss of so many lives, bringing the medieval period to a halt as a time of renaissance was upon Europe. These changes in Europe were effects from the changes in intellect, diplomacy, and economy.

A change in reasoning and logic began towards the end of the medieval period. This change was due to the Bubonic Plague and the secularization it caused. As the death of priests heightened, the adoption of secular things heightened, speeding the development of secularization, along with the loss of respect for religious institutions. Humanism began to come about as secular concerns resulted in the study of art and literature, making way for a renaissance.

The Bubonic Plague began changing the way countries interacted with one another. As one country would fall ill with the disease, its neighbor would notice the weakening state of that plagued country, and utilize the opportunity to attack and raid. As soon as the invading country could return to enjoy it’s newly acquired wealth, it had been plagued with its inevitable demise. This cycle would continue as the disease spread throughout all of Europe, from crippled country to greedy country, thus