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Jasmine taylor
AP European
8 September 2014
World War II

World War II started in 1931 when Japan seized Manchuria from China. September 1,

1939 is when Germany invaded Poland, which led Britain and French to declare war on Hitler's
Nazi. World War II took place in
Europe, East Asia, and islands in the Pacific Ocean. I agree with Winston Churchill’s quote because he is referring to Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin as the dictators and the tigers would be the people.
Throughout Hitler's time in power he has taken over smaller countries and contained his people as though they were animals. Hitler wanted to be superior of the world. His creation of concentration camps to inter Jews and other groups resulted in the death of more than 6 million
Jews. Hitler wanted to expand the German peoples living space until they dominated the exclusively inhabited the globe. As you can see Hitler treated the people of his country as though they were nothing at all, he wanted to be the superior of the world and wanted everyone to go by what he said and his laws in life. By 1941 germany occupied much of Europe and North Africa.
People followed hitler because they believed that they would fail under Weimar republic , the needed a strong leader. Hitler wanted to take over as much as he could and because he knew that the people of Germany were relying on him he used the people to do his dirty work like imprisoning anyone who wasn't of the Aryan race, This shows that Hitler treated and used people as though they were animals to get to where he wanted to be.

Taylor 1

Benito Mussolini was with an alliance with Hitler, he believed that there should be no

freedom and that he wanted everyone to be secluded nothing comes in or out. Prominent Jews supported Mussolini with everything he did. When Mussolini made an alliance with Germany, he started to persecute the Jews. Mussolini started treating his opponents as if they were target practice and when he started getting familiar with Hitler he started persecuting people that supported him in the beginning, this feed the hunger and the anger of the people. In 1942
Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt made a plane to take out Italy, Mussolini was forced to resign. Mussolini tried to escape Italy but was hung by Italian undergrounds. Mussolini and other important people around the world saw that what he was doing was wrong. This shows that Churchill’s quote was correct because he says “ And the tigers are getting hungry” and he is referring to the people of Italy they got tired of being hungry so they feed their anger with killing