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Jim Haley
AP Gov & Politics
Period 3
Mr. Harhai
Pennsylvania State Legislative Assembly
The meeting that I had decided to attend was the Pennsylvania State Legislative Assembly. This particular meeting’s major debate dealt with what was to be done with a portion of Pennsylvania’s taxpayer’s money. During this meeting two solutions were discussed to come up with what should be ultimately done with the taxpayers money. The two possible solutions being discussed were whether the state should fix broken up roads on the Pennsylvania Turnpike or if more money should be put towards social welfare. The meeting exhibited what was accomplished, the productiveness of the meeting, and whether the meeting was confrontational or not. At the State Assembly the meeting had to do with a lot more debating more so than confrontation. There was a pretty good amount of debate back and forth as to what would be better for Pennsylvania at this point in time. The meeting was definitely productive because the side that was for fixing the turnpike helped sway the side that was for welfare into using the money to fix up the turnpike. The meeting at most times was very civil and there was very little hostility. I thought the meeting was fair because the state had the checks and balance system like the federal court with three branches. The atmosphere in the meeting was more on the tedious side as opposed to exciting debate. In the end the meeting ended with a vote which decided that fixing the