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Nolan Pereless
Mr. Romano
North/ South 1800’s The North and South were very different places to experience life back in the 1800’s. Many events lead to the social clash between the North and South. These events were very important during this time and changed the minds of many people. Some of these events were the Northern abolition of slavery which caused problems for the South because they feared the same would happen for them and they would lose many jobs. South was interested in the slave trade because it provided supply for labor in the new Cotton Kingdom. Another example that made things worse between the South and North was the Tariff of Abominations. This tariff was passed to protect the industry in the North, but also created problems for the South. They became very angered and more over knew things would never work out between the two. The North and South had many aberrations between them also caused further problems. There are several large differences between the North and South in the 1800’s. The economies produce different materials, the cities are very unique, and the population was much different. The North economy produced lumber and textiles, while the South is based upon cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar and indigo. People in the North lived in large city based areas while the South lived on farms along the coast. The rapid income of citizens in the North was outstanding because it grew to 31 million people. In the South the population was up to 12 million people. The South consisted of slaves so this made