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Life in the early 1600
Life in the early 1600 was very different than what it is today. In the early times, people would tend to live with others that share the same religious beliefs as them or even by race. There were 3 most common groups, the southern whites, the slaves (Africans), and the New Englander. While yes there were some similarities like language there was many more differences between the southern whites, Slaves, and New Englanders such as their economic systems, and patterns of settlement The southern whites were made up of settlers from New England who were drawn out by the wonderful farming land and the rich golden leaf tobacco in which they could profit from. The south was a perfect place to farm so most of its population was made up of farmers/plantation owners. Its economy was mostly based on crops grown from there. The towns were very simple with mostly plantations, few roads and even fewer educational institutions. Well not as much, women had a few rights like the right to own property. Slaves were brought over from Africa to be bought as "property" to slave owners so they could have workers on their fields after a great changing decision was made after bacon's rebellion. Over 400,000 slaves were brought over to north America. There were more slaves in the south than slave owners by the end of the 1600 century. When they were brought over to the colonies, they were shoved into auction blocks and slide there, most of them being separated from family or love ones. They had absolutely no rights at all and were not allowed to learn how to read or write . They had to work all day in the plantations. In the beginning, slavery was used for economic development but later on it was clear that it turned into a racial reason.

Up in the north were the New Englanders. They settled there because of religious reasons instead of economic reasons like the southern whites. They lived in areas where agriculture was near impossible so their economy was based mostly on fishing and industry work. They had more educational institutions and roads than the south. The