The Punic Wars To The Development Of The Roman Empire

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1. What was the significance about the Punic Wars to the development of the Rome Empire?
Since the Romans won all Punic Wars against Carthage, it made the Roman Empire look invincible. They crushed an enemy and a potential for downfall in those three Punic Wars. It also sent a message to other countries, saying not to mess with Rome or they will be destroyed.
The Punic Wars also gave Rome total control of the Mediterranean Sea, which they had been battling Carthage for. Control of the Mediterranean Sea gave Rome a lot of money and power, which boosted their trade.

2. Use map 5.4 on pg.102 to consider the ways Roman expansion encouraged interactions and exchanges throughout the Mediterranean region.
Roman expansion encouraged interaction s because for the most part they ruled the entire Mediterranean region. They encouraged because they were the only empire to trade with

3. How did Diocletian succeed in helping to preserve the empire?
Diocletian had split the empire into four to make it easier to control, and he ruled the eastern half of the empire. He also passed on many new laws to restore the economy, such as putting a certain price on goods.

4. How did Constantine attempt to unite the Roman Empire? Was he successful?
In 306, the Roman Emperor Constantius died while his son Constantine was in York, in Britain. Constantine’s soldiers proclaimed him Emperor, and he began the trip to to Rome. He had to do battle with a rival at the Milvian bridge, but the night before,