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Peter Marshall
As a teenager, I can definitely tell you that there is no point in life which is as quarrelsome as this one. The reason it is so contentious and mind exhausting is because we are trying to figure out not only what we believe, but also who we want to be and why. To a typical adult, they seem like simple stuff to figure out, but it's not. I will first say why I can't decide on what I want to become, and then I will say what I hypothetically want to be at this point in life. So why are these 3 decisions so difficult for a teen? Scientifically it is a fairly easy question, “teenagers are retarded” states my role model and a student at Harvard and Cambridge and currently a professor of new york city college Michio Kaku.
Teenagers are retarded because the decision­making part of the brain is not fully developed making it hard for me and many others to decide who they want to try to be fro the rest of their lives. not only do teenagers have incomplete brains but they are constantly, as hank green explained on scishow, overwhelmed with hormones and that is what makes them lovers... and fighters... and completely insane.

I believe to be a man is to be a human who is fully grown, so I suppose I

believe a man is a rational decision maker, just like a woman is a rational decision maker. So I suppose as a rational decision maker I want to be a quantum particle because really I don’t know where I am headed at this point in time, but I know where I am. Like a quantum particle, i don't know where I will be in the future I just want to satisfy my hunger for knowledge in order to solve poverty world hunger and the lack of peace on this planet. I also want