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The Story “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley is about Victor Frankenstein’s creature living in a world where he frightens people because of his appearance. You would think that Frankenstein is the antagonist in this story because he plays God and creates a hideous being. At the same time that I believe that the creature was not meant to be so vile, I also believe that the creature is a monster inside and out. The creature seeks vengeance, goes on a murderous path, and demands a female creature similar to himself. One implication of the creature’s monstrous behavior is that he seeks vengeance. The Creature states, “…my feelings were those of rage and revenge.” and “Cursed, cursed creator!”. In other words, the creature blames his creator (Victor) for being rejected by everyone he comes into contact with. Although I must sympathize with the creature, through the cliché “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”. The creature is mistaken because he overlooks how all people are judged by the way they look. Although it is not directly stated that the creature is a murderer, he very much well is. The creature kills Victor’s little brother (William), frames Justine, and kills Victor’s friend (Henry). These murders are because of Victor’s refusal to make a companion for the creature and his total existence itself. Yet some readers will challenge the view that the Creature just wanted to be accepted by everyone and not because of the way he looks. Despite the grant that his motives are somewhat excusable, I still maintain that these murders were unnecessary. Another implication that the Creature is a monster is his request for a female companion just as ugly as he is. The new mate would love him because they would be isolated from the rest of the world. The Creature cannot have it both ways. On the one hand he argues that he was brought into the world ugly despite his wish. On the