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1. What is the smallest black man’s loss of growth symbolic of? a. The smallest black man, out of the three that work on the ward, stopped growing after seeing his mother raped when he was five. I believe that this loss of growth is symbolic of him losing his ability to grow emotionally. Once seeing this tragedy happen to his mother, the black man lost his ability to mature emotionally. The trauma of this event caused him to lose his childish outlook on life and stop mentally growing. This loss of mental growth is symbolized by his loss of physical height.
2. What is the machinery a metaphor for? a. I believe that machinery is used to highlight the emotionless, calculated way that those in the Combine treat outsiders. Machines are analytical, emotionless and focus only on the task they are assigned to do. This is exactly the way that those in the Combine treat those who don’t fit into their world. Nurse Ratched is the perfect example. Whenever Ratched is on the ward, she emotionlessly interacts with the patients, always keeping the same smile on her face. Her calculated, cool behavior is similar to the calculated behavior of a machine.
3. Could McMurphey be seen as a Christ figure? Why or why not? a. I definitely think McMurphey is a Christ figure. He always offers himself up in order to save the suffering of others. He does this nearly every day, whether he is going first in EST or distracting the orderly with a fight in order to save George from the soap. This constant suffering in order to save others is very similar to the way Christ suffered for the sins of others. Also, when McMurphey gets shock therapy, the symbolism of the EST table alludes to him being a Christ figure. The table patients must lie on is shaped like a cross, which brings up the image of the cross Christ was crucified on. The piece place on McMurphey’s head is also symbolic of the crown of thorns worn by Christ, a symbol that may have been missed if it wasn’t for McMurphey calling it a crown of thorns. The parallel between the EST machine and his constant suffering for others shows that McMurphey is a Christ figure.
4. Do think Bromden’s perceptions of the world are reliable? a. I believe that Bromden’s perceptions are completely reliable. The only reason I believe people would think they were unreliable is because he often sees things as machinery. However, I don’t believe these images of machinery necessarily make his perceptions unreliable. Yes, he sees things differently than others; I believe that these images are simply a way for Bromden to express the way he sees and feels about things around him. I think seeing machinery helps Bromden make sense about the cool and calculated way in which the hospital is run. Anyone would agree that the hospital is calculated and…