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Elizabeth Newton
AP Psychology
26 October, 2012
Perceptual sets are the tendency to see what one is expected to see. This is based upon the person’s culture and past experience. How many people would interpret an object or character from a story if shown a blurry picture? In this experiment, a story was given to the subject in hopes of them making a correlation from the story to a picture shown. The picture stayed the same, but the story varied. If a person reads a story then looks at a picture, then the person will see something pertaining to that story in the picture. For this experiment, Ms. Schibley’s first period class was the subject. There were twenty-seven people in this class. The first thing to do was distribute the stories to the students. About half of the class got a story about a crab, and the other half a story about a bird. After the students read the story, they were asked to write one sentence describing the picture shown. If the student described the picture as something in their story, then the hypothesis is supported. If the student did not, the hypothesis is not supported. As shown in the table below, the experiment is almost inconclusive. Looking at the total, it is almost fifty percent on both yes (correlation present) and no (correlation not present). Because there is a slightly greater percentage showing that there was a correlation, this could support the hypothesis. There were many things in the stories