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Calvin Coolidge as President Calvin Coolidge, known as the man of old times and few words is a man that should not be president today. Some may think the ideal president of the United States in 2014 must be someone who is ready for modern innovation and change and they are clearly right. Despite the public’s admiration toward Coolidge during his tenure, he caused many economic downfalls of individuals, certain areas and the country as a whole. One of the most pressing requirements of the present day is how we are to solve our economic problems. After Coolidge served his four year term, the Great Depression began in 1929 seriously eroding his reputation and the public’s opinion. The nation’s economic collapse was linked to Coolidge’s policies. He failed to aid the depressed agricultural sector as thousands of the rural banks in the South shutdown because of bankruptcy and many farmers lost their lands. Coolidge’s tax cuts contributed to an uneven distribution of wealth as he gave tax cuts to individuals who made more than sixty thousand dollars. Tax cuts may have seemed beneficial for the government as it raised its revenue but it only led to overproduction of good and many Americans deep in debt. His bold economic vision of reckless investment and wild speculation of Wall Street laid the groundwork for a ruinous stock market collapse bringing about one of the most devastating economic crises in history. Coolidge is nonetheless credited with bravely steering the nation out of an extended period of prosperity and firmly setting it on a course for economic catastrophe. Not only has the nation focused on the economic aspects of the world but the world has recently awakened to the value and the righteousness of democracy. Coolidge himself was frustrated with the democrats. It is impossible for society to break with its past. It is the product of all which has occurred before. The country cannot cut themselves off from all influences that occurred prior to today. The development of a society is a gradual accomplishment. Calvin Coolidge was not known as a president…