Ap Us History Dbq Analysis

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In the 20th Century, labor unions destroyed the free market by restricting businesses with regulations which is by them not having a good environment, by having countless amount of strikes, and by demanding for improvement.
The labor unions are not working in a good environment.For example, many children probably from the ages of 5 or 6 were working on machines and some of the children even got injured out of it. Even children that were younger stayed home without being watched while their parents and older siblings were at work.The children that stayed at home could have probably hurt themselves or even killed themselves with something thing around their home. On the US History DBQ: Document A basically all the working conditions improvements goes towards the boss and all the injuries stay to the workers and none of the workers get any of those working condition improvements. Which is pretty unfair and it leads to the workers having countless amount of strikes because they are fighting for what is better for their environment.
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On the US History DBQ:Document B it states on how many labor workers are peaceful citizens and fathers. Basically, these workers just want fewer hours of work because they also want to spend time with their families, and especially on the type of environment, they are working on who is going to want to work more hours in that type of environment. On Document A: Albert Parsons Testimony it states on how Albert Parson and the other labor workers go strike and send men towards congress to speak for them that they want many things shortened and they demand it to happen. Basically, all the labor workers just go on strike for what they think is right for