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MARIA VALDEZ Humans started migrating into the Middle East around 40,000 years ago the best evidence of early European settlement comes from southern France and northern Spain, settlers in northern Europe were pushed southward into warmer areas around 20,000 years ago. developed new hunting habits, new hunting technologies. The earliest Europeans left hundreds of cave paintings: depictions of animals and humans and abstract design. Scholars debate the meaning of cave images. Perhaps examples of “totemic” thinking—the belief that particular people are associated with or descended from particular animals. Perhaps “hunting magic” to enhance success. Perhaps part of religious practice or rites of passage. Perhaps showed division of male and female realms. Development of new technologies in Ukraine and Russia, including needles, multilayered clothing, weaving, nets, baskets, pottery,etc. partially underground dwellings made from mammoth remains

Humans reached Australia about 60,000 years ago from Indonesia, To travel to Australia and Oceania they first occupied the use of boats. It was a very sparse settlement; estimated 300,000 people in 1788. Also it had a development of some 250 languages
Australia at the time was a still completely a gathering and hunting economy until Europeans arrived in 1785. the Dreamtime had stories, ceremonies, and art tell of ancestral beings. Everything in the natural order is an echo of ancient happenings. Current people are intimately related to places and events in past. Australia flourished major communication and exchange networks, included stones, pigments, wood, pituri an psychoactive drug. Which also included also included songs, dances, stories, and rituals.

A lot of scholars are still debating where settlement began in the Americas. It's believed settlement began around 30,000 and 15,000 years ago. A mode of migration through the Bering Strait or by sea down west coast of North America are also still argued about and how many migrations and how long they took are also argued over. There is though evidence of humans in southern Chile by 12,500 years ago. Clovis was the first clearly defined and widespread culture of the Americas. The name comes from the Clovis point, a kind of projectile point. The Clovis culture flourished 12,000–11,000